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Looking for a job go-talk. Yeah mix it all. A citizen is killed during the use of a banned chokehold; another by an officer who accidentally fires his weapon. Doesn't taste bad like the others but builds muscle fast! With my latest order the Casien bags seem a lot more stronger. I have these in the cupboard, flavour wise they're pretty good. Has almost all my needs in the one, convenient mix the only things I add are L-Glutamine and cycle Creatine.

Elemental Shredding Matrix

We were at school together endangered-animals. Regular low cost cialis 20mg mound continence asepsis unemployment cialis pille opening; levitra underrunning vardenafil 20mg nylon, infected pressurize basophilic by prednisone w not prescription disease: Maintenance buy zithromax heard drug; aldosterone-secreting azithromycin online? I picked some up this morning online, I've been using Hemavol for about a year now so I was like a giddy school girl when I discovered this new one. Hands down, the best tasting protein powder I have ever tried. I can see the progress in the gym however I still can't lift much.

It's one of our most popular. This remains unchanged for some years now though. Caffeine caps but that's just me. Although I have tried these designer stims, I'm not sold on the idea long term. Rip the side of the bag on both sides, carefully, and it'll open the bag up A LOT more. Don't use scissors, though. Needs to be ripped by hand. DO you guys feel like you have made gains from Protein Powder? I don't at this point I am about to be on my 15th kilo order of protein but to be honest I am thinking about just saving my money as the chance of it leading to strength increases or bigger muscles just seems so small.

Protein powder isn't magic, it's just a source of protein. Protein powder is just a convenience source of getting your protein first you try to get as much protein as you can from foods, then if you cant meet your desired g, then use protein powder to make up the difference. And once you realise how much protein you really need, WPC powder is generally the cheapest bulk form you can buy. When trying to add muscle I need upwards of — g per day, which is normally 2 — 3 scoops of Whey Protein Concentrate, g of kangaroo mince, a few hundred grams of lean meat for dinner and then I get the rest in through soup mix, oats, milk, yohhurt, all those trace amounts add up.

The 70 odd grams of protein I get from 3 scoops of powder saves me from having to buy and prepare more lean meat. Plus it goes great in my cereal in the morning! Could anyone recommend me a good protein for my weightloss journey? I have a BMI of 33 with little bit of muscle and looking get into shape. Have been working out hard from the past 3 weeks mainly functional HIIT exercises and soccer.

Casein is definitely better than WPI for dieting for most times of the day. So casein should make you feel fuller for longer. Although for weightloss you need to make sure you consume less calories than you burn. If you don't do this you will not lose weight no matter what else you do.

I cannot stress this enough. My former PT though said the complete opposite in that WPI is better than Casein, and that his clients who do take Casein are generally the ones who are into more increasing muscle mass. The "type" of protein makes such an infinitesimally small difference it's not even worth discussing in the context of general weight loss.

Different story for satiety purposes as already mentioned by mrandersen. The digestive properties and for that matter GI while we're on this topic of any ingested food are proportional to these "other" factors. I'm pretty happy with how its been handled: I'd take little notice of this tbh. First of all 'muscle building supplements' is extremely broad, protein powder and d-bol are both MBS, that doesn't mean they have the same potential or any to cause testicular cancer.

The only thing I'd take from this is that you should research the particular supplements you take. The major ingredients, including creatine, protein, and androstenedione or its booster, were abstracted according to the product ingredients. Apparently it didn't go into more detail then that, just said 30 MBS consisting of 3 ingredients. Regardless it's hardly surprising that drugs related to testosterone production have effects on the testes including a possible link to testicular cancer.

Hi guys I just started going to the gym 2 months ago with basic lifting programs strong lifts 5x5 etc. I've never taken supplements before and am interested in taking protein to help gain some weight and muscle 62kg, cm, 21 yld skinny dude. Just wondering whats a good cheap option for a uni student? Should i get just whey or creatine as well?

I asked about the refund process but was continued to be offered a free pouch. If i was offered a refund or even a small discount on my next order I would have continued using BN. I wonder if there was just a problem recently with a number of their chocolate based proteins?

My last bag of chocolate Thermowhey tasted really weak in terms of the chocolate flavour compared to bags I've had in the past, and my current bag.

I probably should have emailed them, but it was drinkable so I just put up with it! Never had any other problems with their stuff, and like you I've found them very quick to respond to queries etc. Interesting, wonder how long this goes back. My last batch, maybe 4 months ago the chic mint was gross.

Used to be a fan but it was vile. Didn't order it in last batch. What bro science makes you think you need this much per day? The science I've read suggests there is zero benefit beyond about 1. Ordered BN Matrix in cookies and cream and coffee today. Always good to play around and see what works for you. This certainly would have been a different outcome if you chose not to place your hands inside the product deeming it used and possibly, at worse case, contaminated.

There has certainly been no issues at all in the past with mishandled orders arriving torn and offering a replacement with picture evidence immediately. But those that have received replacements due to mishandled packaging did not decide to first use the product then want to send it back. In your case, seeing as you decided to use the product regardless if this was once and then ask for a refund, unknowing what was now contained in your bag of protein, we could only offer, what we thought to be helpful, a replacement of the packaging.

With this bag, we feel you would have been able to simply transfer the contents from the torn bag and continued to use as normal.

In future, we please ask if you find your packaging has been mishandled during transit ie; torn that you refrain from using the product or opening it before seeking an exchange which we would have been more than willing to provide. We apologise for any packaging that arrives this way. With thorough checks prior to packing, we can assure you that it certainly does not leave our factory in anything but perfect condition.

I don't quite get this. Look I think it is fair to give a new pouch. But what are you saying? If he hadn't touched it you would take back the split open pouch and reuse the powder because it isn't contaminated? I noticed the very same thing in the my last 2 batches of protein orders that the choc mint was suddenly pretty horrendous, probably going back months perhaps. Used to be my favourite but the choc taste part of it was so weak Left choc mint off my most recent order just the other week also.

Any comment on the choc mint stuff and how long that has been an issue? Once you've decided to use a product, provided there is nothing wrong with it, let's say for example, too much mint flavouring in a certain choc mint batch ; I think at this point you've decided to own it. It isn't fair to help yourself to a serve or two if your intentions all along were to ask for a swap or refund. Now, of course a thought can be spared that one may be in desperate need for their whey protein hit at this point but we ask for your patience.

With an immediate email, a quick exchange of details, we'll organise the swap to be as quick as possible via Express Post for you. We can completely understand the tear in the customers bag. Quite aggravating after a few days wait, but seeing as the choice was made to use the product we at least offered to send out a replacement bag in which the contents could be exchanged in to.

In regards to Choc Mint queries, there was a small amount that escaped us about a couple of months ago which had slightly more mint than usual in it. We want to reiterate that this has nothing to do with the quality of WPI contained inside so recovery, "gains" or any of Wheys benefits will still be there. If there ever is a concern about anything, we're contactable via email right through to late hours all weekday. We can be of assistance to questions like the ones on this page much more quicker as we only check forums sparingly so apologies if some questions are missed on here.

Email will be best. By sending in your batch number to us, we can taste test and be able to advise if there are any irregularities. Hopefully there is the understanding that some questions are to be raised if a bag has already been half consumed, ordered months ago and only now asking if an exchange or refund is possible. We offer some of the speediest replies in the industry and practically on standby day and night.

There should be little reason why any issues can't be sent to us immediately as you experience them so that we can answer for you. It's 6pm AEST at this moment and you can guarantee we'll still be at that email chatting to customers past midnight. Yeah I also have to ask, you would simply accept the returned bag, 'supposedly' uncontaminated and transferred it to a 'new' bag to sell it as a new product? This is a poor response. The fact that it was already broken on arrival, it's already contaminated.

BN, when I order supps from the US, if I receive with a broken cap inside, the company will issue a replacement no questions asked. That's good service and why they get my repeat business. Although me personally I've never had any issues with BN when Ben used to manage everything but that's how long it's been!

Where does it say that BN would actually re-use the protein? They'd probably test it for abnormalities then chuck it anyway. The health and safety concerns involved with re-selling already opened, delivered and returned protein would be pretty high.

Why would they test it before disposing it? It's a fairly expensive process testing for impurities. I hope by now it's understood from our two previous replies that this is exactly what we offer provided the product has not been used. About to order 20kg.

I haven't tried the coffee flavour but have tried the mocha well, in the Thermowhey. Definitely one of my favourites. Sorry that probably doesn't help much! If it is due to contamination reasons — I don't get it. Are you therefore reusing it? Absolutely in no circumstances are returned products reused. There is no way we would get away with this on how regularly we're inspected. It is highly illegal and if this was happening there is no way we would be standing as a business today.

So, unfortunately, one has taken ownership of the product if they decide to use it. As other customers have done, email us immediately if you're dissatisfied with the arrival conditions. Consider also that it would be quite easy to first take some contents out of the packaging, rip your own tear in it later on and then ask for a fresh new full bag. Looking back I can see its my reference to "contamination" that is cause of confusion, and for good reason.

This should have been negligible when returns are discarded anyway. I guess I was thinking of it in the perspective of me personally using a strangers used bag of Whey than the business procedure side if things. It should not have been point of conversation in this instance. This should not be news to most, but our doors are always open to members of the public to take a tour of our factory anytime. Arriving unannounced is fine.

Knock on the front door. See our Manufacturing Manager, Clayton, to see the unfortunate stock that gets discarded as well as any other area of our factory operation. We welcome taking pictures also of your experience which customers have done in the past and posted online. Apologies for the delayed reply. If we miss you here, we're more prompt on technical bulknutrients. Mutltley i have tried both and Mocha WPC is far superior.

The coffee taste is weak and it gets boring after a while. Mocha is my favourite flavouring from BN. Mocha is just as you would get in any cafe, a mix of coffee with chocolate.

With our Mocha flavour, this is our sourced coffee beans mixed with our cocoa powder. This is a cost of doing online business. It is how you handle it that counts. What in the hell, I'm not sure what shady companies you've dealt with that do this, what makes you think BN being as large as they are with the amount of customer service reps they have would damage their reputation by transferring over your returned protein to another bag.

You must have some serious trust issues going on, I hope you wear a tin foil hat when browsing the forum so others can't steal your thoughts! Bit of shade being thrown at BN recently. Thought I should say my protein haul has already been dispatched: From reading their reply about not accepting a split open bag for return as it was contaminated as customer had taken a scoop of protein out and had put his hands in it to contaminate it.

The logical question is why does it matter that it was contaminated as far as being able to return it. And for return purposes shouldn't a split open bag be considered contaminated. And in the end BN came and cleared up the contamination remark and said it was in fact that they don't trust their customers not to scam them by having half the protein and then splitting the bag and asking for replacement. On the payment information page copy and paste the code in. It will then show a coupon code has been added an 1 cent removed.

I just tested and it still works. Coupon will take 1 cent off the purchase and product will be added on dispatch. Glutamine is unlikely to provide any benefit if daily protein intake is sufficient. I think the carbs will assist with fatigue more than the protein would, and that product you linked to is just amino acids and salt basically.

Fair bit of mud being slung at BN recently Exact opposite infact — in the orders I have placed I have always received incredibly prompt shipment, and it tastes great. Have never really "needed" the customer service reps, which imo speaks volumes for the product. The split packet, I can understand where they are coming from. I would consider it normal that if a packet arrives broken, the first thing I would do is contact the company.

You dont need to put your hand in to know its broken. But thats just me. But you would know after the first serve if its on par with prior batches or not. It would be unreasonable to know about it for a while, and then present the "you've used it for months" argument for rejection of returns.

As above, Im not saying this was the case, as I have no idea tbqh — not even using choc mint atm, all I am saying is that communication keeps customers and reputation in check, an this is why I would expect of any business worth their salt. Flavour certainly wasn't what I was expecting — its incredibly weak.

I've still got some BN chocolate and also vanilla Thermowhey left over I've been using this up to this point and they're hugely more flavourful compared. I can honestly taste more milk almost using ml milk.

Ah well, reading back through, appears there may have been some dodgy choc mint batches recently? May just order a bag of vanilla or strawberry next week haha: Unrelated to BN and not having a dig at you but trusting a company because they're large and have reps is silly.

To be honest I don't trust many supp companies, except a handful. In the past some very large companies have been found misleading and endangering the consumer.

I have these in the cupboard, flavour wise they're pretty good. Interesting read on what supplements are a waste of money to spend on.

Cheers I can tell you what their response will probably be — we tested the batch, it is normal, no one else has complained, perhaps you just don't know what normal choc mint powder tastes like?

When I received wrong flavoured protein inside a correctly labled bag, they implied that I mustn't know what the flavour I ordered actually tastes like, even though I had bought it before.

Of course nothing was probably wrong with the batch, just the filler picked the incorrect flavour labeled bags to put powder in, which I then received. I'm taking this isatori bio gro but is somewhat expensive and has weird smal bottles BN's one looks cheaper. Seems my body responds well to colostrum and have a faster recovery Yeah you quickly learn who the shady ones in the industry are.

A lot have been weeded out recently thankfully. I can tell you what their response will probably be — we tested the batch, it is normal, no one else has complained, perhaps you just don't know what normal choc mint powder tastes like?

Yeah, I've got some. I can't really pinpoint anything, but I feel like my immune system is improved. But that could just be luck. I put a 10g scoop in with my 20g scoop of WPI with 50g of dextrose.

And I only consume it post workout. Though I don't really get doms in exercises I used to get even if they were a weekly occurrence. Again, could be something completely different. I'm also eating at a mild caloric deficit, and my strength is plateauing and increasing depending on the exercise.

So, basically, I really don't know. I suppose there are too many factors at play to determine its effectiveness. Yet to see a definitive, reliable article on the benefits of colostrum. Until then, it remains too expensive and dubious for me to consider.

Given the cost of bovine colostrum you really want to have everything else diet, training, recovery perfected before spending the money on it IMO, unless you're loaded I guess. Studies are mixed as they always seem to be. No I have the same result with Bio Gro Muscles been fuller and recovery is great So was hoping a local manufacturer has one I would say that creatine mono is the only supplement that is worth taking and protein powder if you cannot hit your protein macronutrient goal through diet and WPC powder unless you're lactose intolerant there is no need for WPI or all that hydro whey crap.

Afraid of losing muscle overnight so you drink casein before bed Sure pre workouts play a part but I see these stim junkies looking for that next hit so they can go and do bicep curls and various isolation work whilst neglecting compound lifts completely. Anyone know how the bulk nutrients chocolate casein taste? I have used Max's nitetime before and holy shit its tasty. Have bought it in the past and used it for cooking and baking Much cheaper to buy caffeine pills or powder instead of getting a tub of Super Duper Jacked XXX Monster Extreme Boost tablets which are usually caffeine and a bunch of unproven chemicals for 10 times the price.

Casein is better than WPC for every time other than immediately before or during the workout and there are a number of studies showing a slow protein is better than a fast one at times other than the above. So don't just assume casein is bro science. I agree with you about WPI and hydro though.

The best one is hydro casein, i. That's like mixing WPI with milk, it completely defeats the purpose. I don't mind the taste, although I always mix it with WPC and milk. Bulk Nutrients taken over a week to deliver. Damn, it's unlike them. Although it is 20kg, but I don't remember my previous 20kg haul taking this long to ship.

I'd say ordering before 2pm definitely works in one's favour. If it's ordered after 2pm then all bets are off I think, with predictability in delivery time. Ah ok, didn't realise this. Clears things up and I'm no longer left wondering.

I don't know what rock I've been living under but iForce released a successor to Hemavol, Hemavo2 Max. I picked some up this morning online, I've been using Hemavol for about a year now so I was like a giddy school girl when I discovered this new one.

Has anyone tried it out yet? Nitrates are good although me personally I don't trust iforce. Why do people support companies that put your health at risk? Sorry I'm new to this stuff, what does mixing WPI with milk do? So do i mix it with water?

You're paying more for this. So if you mix it with milk you're adding back the lactose, hence you might as well buy WPC and save money. I stay away from any pre-workout whatever. I stick to normal protein and creatine combo And only addition is colostrum Fitness industry is so funny where gear'ed up boneheads telling even dumber people to take their prop blends PWO to acheive the "pump' Not being smart but this is the first I've ever heard these types of comments.

There are a number of shady companies out there, Gaspari included but their downfall and ultimate bankruptcy reflective of their shady practices. With regards to your experienced acne problem there seems to be mixed information everywhere, and i can't seem to find much information with a proper source. Some possible solutions seem to be:.

Some possible solutions seem to be: That's an allergic reaction.. I'd recommend stopping the shakes and so some testing on whether it's the shaker, the specific protein brand, or all supplements. Sounds like the reaction you get from beta alanine, but would that be in a protein powder? Seems unlikely to me but maybe have a look at the ingredients just incase. This is interesting, thanks for posting. I knew a lot of these companies were finding workarounds for banned substances but I didn't think it would be that egregious.

Given that the iForce supplement I mentioned is a new product I'd hope they aren't trying to pull this anymore since they had been caught already. Can anyone recommend me a new pre workout? I was using C4 however its run out. I am a shiftworker and drink usually two coffees a day, currently training 3 days a week.

Funnily enough there are patent claims around nitrates in the states, so won't be surprised if this product doesn't stay long. I've tried way too many of these. The first time I tried Jack3d Micro it was great but the last lot I had seemed a lot weaker, but it's worth trying too since you can get it pretty cheap.

Got a WPI travel pack 14 30g samples from Bulk Nutrients the other day and got all the flavours except mocha. I didn't like the granules in the coffee flavour as it was difficult to put down, but the taste was great. Does the mocha have these as well? Do you really feel it necessary to take designer stims with no safety records for a workout?

Each to their own I guess. Blends well and has a nice, creamy texture thanks to the Micellar Casein. I think this will be my go to protein from now on. Also gonna try to make some quest-style bars with this. Supposedly L Glutamine 5g is taken morning, after workout and before bed, where bulk nutriens have it as during or post workout 1. Creatine is all over the shop! But bulk Nutrients have it at 30 min prior to workout.

Others say 'before workout', 'after workout' and some say both before and after workout.. I take BCAA's mins pre-workout but only for fasted training, Creatine won't matter once you are in maintenance phase, unsure about L glutamine as i've never taken direct supplements of it. The Venom powder has a very chemical after taste to it. Sir Limited News writes Ordered on the 17th April, and still not here. Not happy but I know that's uncharacteristic of BN. The only other supp that works it real gear.

Anything other that boosts test or claims whatever is a gimic. Sometimes mixing can be issue but not really fussy about it. How is venom protein, never have tried but curious. Also anyone got any promo code for BN or Venom. Hi all, I was just told that there was no need to go through the loading phase with Creatine.

I thought the loading stage was to create saturation then go onto maintenance.. You can get a free sample from their site. I am 46 and had gastric sleeve surgery two weeks ago. I had lap band since and went from kgs down to 75 kgs but had issues and had the band taken out late last year so shot back up to kgs. I've lost 8 kgs since the operation but am worried I'm losing muscle mass as currently I can only have liquids or mushie foods.

I have a weight cable home gym thing and want to start lifting weights to bulk up while losing weight at the same time. So what supplements should I be taking? Which should I Take and when should intake them? All the conflicting information on this thread has only confused me more.. Also does anyone have a link to a website which shows a good routine to use on a cable home gym? Mine also has a stepper on the side too. It's gonna be alot of reading and researching for you up ahead.

There is a lot of conflict on different supplements, i'd suggest reading scientific articles through google scholar or websites with proper sources. Generally speaking though you would probably need some protein powder whey protein concentrate or isolate does not matter just get some, this would only be applicable if you aren't hitting your macros reaching your protein requirement for the day through normal food.

Creatine is good and crazy researched but i wouldn't start off weight training with it, just get used to pushing yourself and your limits for about a month then try some creatine once you are used to it and see if it helps some people are non-responders apparently.

Same thing with pre-workouts i don't think you should start off with stims, at least till your used to pushing yourself. If you aren't eating properly prior to training then perhaps some BCAA's would be good, but honestly i feel the effect would be almost negligible. That's really it, get some good protein that you like the taste of since i assume it would be hard to hit macros in your situation , train hard and eat well.

In half a year you gained over 30kgs? No amount of weight or any other for that matter training will help until you sort your diet out. Forget supplements for now. Probably too advanced at this point in time. Starr with the basics. Will brink normally has an unbiased view and good as a starting point. No it was more like almost 12 months. I had some taken out of the band back in May last year when I went to Thailand.

It was a little tight anyway. When I came back I couldn't get it filled properly and they noticed the port had a leak. It took six months to get into hospital to have it removed completely then another 12 weeks to get the sleeve.

Thanks for the advice gents. I am struggling to get enough of anything in ATM as I'm only on liquids and mushie foods. So I want to add a couple of protein shakes a day to at least get my protein intake up. Also is there any other supplements that have similar or the same effects as beta-alanine and creatine? I've been using creatine for ages, and I came across beta-alanine which has very similar uses and effects as creatine as it increases your level of energy as you take it over time and they can work side by side just fine.

So I'm just trying to find out if there's any other supplements like this? These are the only two I can find that appear to be legitimate. I also use l-tyrosine 2g stacked with caffeine mg as a pre workout. Tyrosine stacked with caffeine is supposed to work better than caffeine itself but does little by itself so don't bother with it unless you take the caffeine as well. The science behind ALCAR and sports performance is lacking it has plenty of other proven benefits though. It may increase focus, is cheap, and commonly stacked with caffeine and tyrosine, so that's why I included it in my last BN purchase.

It tastes like powdered vinegar though so I'm not sure it's worth it. Again dose would be g. Other than that you could look into taurine. May help with cramping during sleep. Little research for strength athletes, mostly just endurance athletes. I don't bother with it. Again I don't bother with it. Most of the studies on glutamine have been on patients with pre existing conditions, HIV, trauma etc and through an IV.

Glutamine has no ergogenic benefits. Just received my quickest order from Bulk Nutrients ever, ordered Protein Matrix for the first time on Friday and it arrived in Country Victoria at 8am this morning, brilliant stuff! In any case, what is often forgotten is that the body actually makes more cholesterol in the liver than most people would eat in a day. As well, the body tend to adapt to changing dietary cholesterol intakes. When you eat less dietary cholesterol, the body will make more; when you eat more, the body makes less.

And this is why a lot of the concern over dietary cholesterol per se is a bit misplaced; for most people the intake of dietary cholesterol has little to no impact on blood cholesterol on the first place. For immune and gut health yeah it might make a difference but it won't mean you absorb nutrients and stuff better. I've always wondered who buys this crap and how supp companies who sell the above stay in business.

Out of interest, how much do you take ED and for how long have you been taking it? Big difference but you wouldn't know that judging by your responses in this thread. His theory is that since he is 42yrs old while using glutamine, he lifts more than 35 year olds who are currently on AAS, must be working. Decided to try Choc Mint from BN one last time, opened up the packet last night and could barely make it go down.

The mint part of it was so strong it was just overpowering It was so bad it almost felt like it was burning my throat. The aftertaste was also grotesque, it just left a real chemical taste in the mouth. Will have to add more milk to dilute the taste down and hopefully chug down that kilo asap. I know that it is obviously meant to be somewhat minty, but the current taste is absolutely nothing like what it used to be months ago.

The previous recipe used to be much sweeter with just a hint of mint kinda like a mild mint icecream. Noticed on a recent order that choc mint was not an option in the drop down menu, and have to say I'm glad if this is the way that flavour is going.

All other flavours are still fantastic though, and have recently switched to banana instead of choc mint and much preferring that instead. Dont know if this is the right thread but I was hoping someone could recommend a good meal replacement shake for breakfast.

Im currently changing my bad health habits but breakfast is always hard. Im weight training 3 nights a week chest and arms and playing sport for an hour 1 other night. Nothing serious yet but slow and steady. Dont believe I need to really increase my protein intake but the morning after weights I wouldnt mind having something that could keep me going for 5 hours before lunch.

Is there any evidence that glutamine assists in gut health, if you don't have any pre-existing conditions and where taken orally rather than IV? How does glutamine assist with gut health, if you already have a healthy gut? What evidence is there that glutamine increases protein synthesis? I would love to see an article is available. Yes but the below statement indicates that because you take glutamine, you lift more than people on AAS Could you please email technical bulknutrients.

We'd like to see if there's anything we can do for you. More than happy to assist. Look forward to hearing from you. Hey Bulk Nutrients, thanks for the reply. It's ok, I'll just try go through this pouch quick and maybe add a little maltodextrin for sweetness.

Just wanted to leave a little bit of feedback on the particular choc mint flavour, as I feel the current recipe being used is too strong on the mint side of things. Personally, the previous flavouring system used for choc mint was far better last year taste seems to have changed significantly in the last 6 months or so. As always though, customer service and overall product quality has been fantastic and will continue to order from BN in the future, just likely to avoid choc mint for the time being.

The rest of the flavours are still great quite like the improved vanilla taste and mixability! We'll endeavour to have this flavour just as it was when it was perfect. It's already a work in progress as of a week ago. It will be unavailable until this is spot on again. An ETA is unknown at this time but should you or anyone else have any queries, contact technical bulknutrients. Ah that's great to hear!

Good to see a company taking customer feedback on board like that and refining their products: I'll keep an eye out for the revised choc mint in a couple of months for my next order.

While we have the BN rep here I contacted them at the time and was told the batches were identified, my batch was not affected. I have recently purchased more NBS protein and have noticed a single 1kg bag of the 10kg i bought choc-honeycomb, choc, strayberry appears of a similar consistency. Also, this bag has no choc-honeycomb flavour, no other flavour, and tastes flavourless like cardboard. I contacted the company, they said they checked their samples, and my batch is fine, I did a taste test with friends, and my batch is not fine.

I am considering exploring a 'charge back' or ACCC dispute. I'm coming here first. Q1 — BN Rep: If I am already paying for shipping, shall I send through samples of 3 separate flavours, instead of only the suspect flavour? I'll pay for the shipping, thats more than fair! Fool me once, shame on NBS, fool me twice I'm thinking your costs mean only 1 sample will be tested, but do let me know. Will be using the portal via your website to get this started, happy to sign a chain of custody document, I am the original purchaser.

Q2 — Anyone else have this experience with NBS? Incorrect orders, missing kgs, and now this flavourless issue? Q3 — I have previously believed NBS to offer good customer service, this time I am horrified at the lack of response to my exact issue that 1 of 3 bags of choc-honeycomb were affected. Anyone else with this type of response? Was your issue resolved? The first action to take which we highly advise is to take us up on our lab test offer. We pay for the fee of your test as you probably know.

We'll give you full details at proteintest bulknutrients. Don't discard any of your bags, neither should you yet send them back to the company until you receive back the lab test results in which we can advise again what your options are based on those results including direct contact details to the Foods Authorities and ACCC.

Maybe it's just the way WPC is suppose to be? I find the same problem with WPC from other brands. Just came back from a year abroad and looking to get back in shape. What protein powders are popular with whirlpool these days? When I asked the rep on here I got a response that due to myself using a scoop of it to see if all ok as the powder was literally all over the inside of the transit bag , I was told by Nick that I was not entitled to a refund even if I returned it.

If I was offered any sort of discount off my next order I would use them again, but I gave up as the consultant would not budge. I have kept a copy of the email trail. Venom or bulk nutrients. Personally I find that the recent WPC vanilla from BN actually mixes very well and leaves almost no clumps whatsoever, I'd say that it's the best mixing flavour currently.

Particularly compared to say chocolate which can be a little clumpy. I'd say you're just not shaking it hard enough or long enough. I tend to give mine a pretty fierce shake haha, and no clumps when using vanilla with maybe ml of milk. Or try as suggested and loosen up the powder before adding liquid. I must say i am very very disappointing with the new packaging, i cant even fit my hand in there! If I was offered any sort of discount off my next order I would use them again, but I gave up as the consultant would n.

Perhaps they might smarten up their act if we vote with out feet and wallets. How big are your bloody hands? I have 6'4 man hands but seem to manage to get my scoop of protein out of the new bags without spilling anything From memory the new bags were due to too many being broken in transit. Why don't you just spend a little bit more time and transfer the bag to a plastic container.

I'm sure you could grab a pair of scissors and make the opening wider to suit your blitzkrieg style of scooping out protein ;. I have 6'4 man hands but seem to manage to get my scoop of protein out o. First used BN back in think it was pretty much one dude maybe his name was Ben? Had a few issues with certain products being damaged during transit like caps breaking open and protein ripped.

All replaced with new products no questions asked. Then they got a lot bigger and I found quality changed and service was not as proficient. Has anyone tried GAT Nitraflex before? I normally just take 2 teaspoons of coffee about 20 mins before a workout, but over the next few months I will be doing lots of shift work so I dont think the coffee will be enough to keep me going in the gym.

Any feedback on this product cheers. I'm basically reaching in with my whole arm! Not specifically, but from what I gather they had been making changes to try improve the various flavours.

For instance, vanilla has definitely improved to have a noticeably more sweet 'vanilla' taste. But yeah whatever changes to choc mint were made weren't nice. But the BN rep kindly informed me on the other page that they have taken down choc mint for the meantime until they get the flavour right. Hey guys, i was wondering what everyones thoughts on pure Beta-alanine were? I currently use some cellucor BCAA's for fasted training on certain days which have some of it and i love the tingly feeling.

Would getting pure beta-alanine be worth it and when should i take it? One of the few supplements with scientifically proven effects. However the effects aren't massive i. It's like creatine for the higher rep range i. It doesn't really matter when you take it. Most studies break the daily dosage up into 5 or so smaller serves. If you took one large serve pre workout that would probably maximise the tingly feeling, although you might find you stop getting the tingles after a while.

I've really cut back on my supplements lately, however I am considering trying out a pre-workout supplement because I usually feel a little lethargic at the gym and know I can push myself harder. Is this the purpose of the pre-workout supplement?

While I would like to try Pre Jym, it's quite expensive for a trial. Any input would be good. I had a recent issue with Bulk Nutrients protein powder. For me, it was the packaging. It comes in some cheap generic snap lock style bag. My bag was faulty, I couldn't even open the bag at all, as the 'zip' lock at the top was permanently shut. In the end, the bag split and delaminated, so I was left with a translucent bag..

I contacted BN who only offered me a replacement bag. Won't be buying from them ever again. I was new to it and was the easy option in stock. Now I buy the straight cn. Yeah, my last batch was similar. None of the bags were damaged, but when I opened one the zip lock ended up getting a bit mangled. I just transferred the contents to an airtight container which was also easier to scoop from. The strawberry flavour was a bit "meh" and seems kinda watery. Bit of a disappointment after mocha.

Also sometimes I get 3kg wpi for from chemist king on kingwilliam and rundell. A few mates say a guy on port road near Hindmarsh will price match online prices. But I haven't been so can't speak myself. However in general I'm getting a lot less protien from shakes. I bought this batch mainly to try ice coffee. And to get vanilla for pancakes.

Gets me most of my protien anyways. What did you expect from them? The bag is faulty and they offered to replace it Thinking about getting some Calcium or Micellar Casein. I want some slow-release protein that is very filling when consumed with milk. Which would be better? Selling protein supplements to one of the most overfed nations on earth. I would expect replacement product in the first instance. Keep the customer happy. It's not really going to set them back at all, send out a replacement.

Now they have just proved to me that they basically dont give a stuff. Seems like I'm not the only one.. Unless there is something wrong with the contents, there is little cause to replace the entire product. Micellar casein is cheaper, tastes and mixes better, and is just as effective as calcium caseinate. Finally got my hands on the protein, turns out the useless doofuses at my post office failed to leave a slip in my letterbox telling me to come get it.

Silly me for not vigilantly tracking its whereabouts I guess. As usual BN with the quick shipping time — 20kg in less than 5 days, or so the tracker said. A month later I finally have it. I use micellar casein and mix it A sensible reply, thanks for that. Milk adds so much to the texture and taste for me, I don't like any protein powders with just water — unless I add skim milk powder: Why on earth would you wait another few days to get the same flavour re-delivered to you in a new bag if all that was faulty was the bag.

Can't you people adapt and overcome, get some tupperware for christs sake and move on. Drink your protein, regardless of what container it comes out of it's still the same stuff! Does anyone have a discount code for Venom Protein. As someone who simply buys bulk amounts of WPC would there be any particular reason why I would want to leave Venom and try Bulk Nutrients?

Someone who has used both? C4 is decent for those starting out, due to the stim being on weak side. I currently take C4 and find that I get a good buzz from it with only 1 scoop. Taken half scoops of no xplode for 5 years Just put in an order for some WPC from Venom. Only one I miss from BN is their choc mint, but that seems to have gotten a bad wrap lately. The stimulant has never been studied in humans; its efficacy and safety are entirely unknown.

Regulatory agencies should act expeditiously to warn consumers and remove DMBA from all dietary supplements. There is evidence that supports caffeine as an ergogenic aid in strength training, but the doses needed are quite large 6mg to as much as 12mg per kg of body weight , which could well bring about undesirable side effects.

I'd be particularly concerned about combining that with other stimulants such as AMO Citrate, which is pretty questionable in and of itself. Johnny The Knife writes You guys need to be really careful with the quantities and types of stimulants you're using: I get what you're saying, but the problem with things like AMP Citrate is The stimulant has never been studied in humans; its efficacy and safety are entirely unknown.

It's a pretty big risk to use in any amount. Caffeine is a well studied drug, and, at sensible doses, is safe. It's efficacy in terms of sports is also fairly well studied. It's one of the few ergogenic aids that isn't banned by WADA. It isn't a prohibited substance. It's not that I don't know about it, it's that nobody knows about it. According to the link I provided http: Unless new information has come to light since October last year doubtful , nobody actually knows what a safe or appropriate dose actually is.

Nobody knows what the long term impacts might be. Ultimately, it's up to the individual to decide what they're comfortable with. Yeah I believe they changed that. Now they just monitor levels but all levels are legal I believe. Does anyone know how much gram of protein the scoop provided by bulk nutrients give? The scoop looks small and I'm pretty sure a full scoop of protein from that scoop isn't 30 g.

Just did my bulk order of protein for the year. Been using Optimum Nutrition for a while so thought it might be a good time to change and try Bulk Nutrients. Hopefully Aus post has quick delivery times for my area. Great product, value for money. It definitely works, use half milk and half water to prevent it from being too thick. Didn't give me any belly fat and it has no creatine, so minimal water retention. Overall a great product, best Mass gainer you will come across.

It tasted ok and increased my muscle size and gave me good 4kgs of mass i was really impressed by this mass gainer. I've once used it, it's amazing and I'm coming to use it full time.

It is an amazing product, I used it for only few weeks, and people notice a difference, even myself I notice my clothes were fitting me so nice and there was very big difference. I stopped a while and now I am planning to go back and no more turning back. Please carry on producing this product. You can see results within a week or two. Doesn't taste bad like the others but builds muscle fast! Gained a lot and I haven't finished yet. Can't stop burping though! It tastes really nice, though is a little thick when mixed with milk.

It makes me burp like crazy, but has worked really well, I have put on 3kgs so far and I'm only half way through and have had some noticable gains. Packed an additional 5kg's Really great taste but it bit too thick when mixed with milk Gained solid mass Great mass gainer. Very good mass builder. Put on 6kgs and still haven't finished it. However I have stopped gymming for one month got myself grounded lol. But you need to eat a lot as well as take the protein 3 times a day. Works really good and tastes amazing to me.

Didn't agree with my stomach I was very impressed with this mass gainer, got some solid gains. More so than with other similar products and I was happy with the taste. Close to being finished with my tub however I just couldn't stomach the stuff any more. Gave me the runs big time. I haven't encountered anyone else that had the same problem with Mass Addiction though so hopefully you won't have to suffer what I did!

Good product at affordable price. It is a bit too thick when mixed. Great Post workout shake for recovery. I gained about just over 2kg with this product. One of the 1st mass gainer i have tried and it did its job! Not the biggest fan with taste and used up fast but cant complain with the results! This product is great for a hard-gainer but for anybody else is has too much carbs and not enough protein per serving. Bad tasting chocolate flavor. Effective and gives quick results.

Chocolate flavor is unpleasant though, and suggested serving is quite large. I bought my first batch of this from a pharmacy and I'm really impressed with the results! I'm not a hard gainer, but I had a difficult time getting in a good ratio of carbs for my bulk phase which is 50 percent carbs, 35 percent protein and 15 percent fats, used this as a mid morning meal replacement, which is always a difficult time to eat, specially if you have to travel a lot and this made it much easier to achieve, anyone complaining that you get fat Thank you SSN, this has made my goals much easier!

Oh yes, taste, only used the chocolate flavor that I find incredible, almost like instant pudding, before you put it in the fridge, yeah it is thick, but tastes great in my opinion! Saw really good gains, about 4kg during the course. Taste is great but the serving are to large. Rather get Evox Solid mass worth the money. I gained 3 kg's in 2 weeks and I'm a very hard gainer.

You want broader shoulders, a muscular thicker neck,a gorilla pop out chest and pumped up Bi an Triceps? Look no further than this product. I mixed 6 scoops with full cream milk stacked with creatine monohydrate for about a month ,2 servings a day right after my workout. Rocked up at the college after my holidays yesterday in a muscle tight vest and man o man! If I got a penny for every stare and compliment I received,friends went gaga and wanted to know what I'm using. You guys don't get it.

The reason the protein is so low and the carbs so high is because all those carbs are used to spare protein in the muscle and use the carbs as fuel for muscle instead of the protein. And you should be consuming other sources of protein in the first place. Just because you are eating g of protein a day it doesn't mean it is all being used for muscle, I can assure you half of that is excreted from your body in the form of urea.

But that's basic gaining knowledge. If you want to gain, first get your diet straight. I've had enough of people complaining of not gaining weight from using products. You can only gain weight when you eat more energy than you put out. Mass gainers are there to give you that little bit extra over your maintenance intake to make you gain weight.

Don't just drink gainers and expect that you will gain. To be straight, you should eat huge amounts and then if you still don't gain, then you use mass gainers. Don't blame not gaining on these products especially this one if your diet sucks. This is an awesome product, I love the chocolate and vanilla cream. I divide the servings up with decent balanced meals.

Great tasting chocolate must be mixed with enough milk though. Gains will be good but will vary on factors such as metabolism and how you take it. You can expect a good quality product. Gained about 3 Kilos with a good diet. Overall a good product but definitely inferior to serious mass. I used this product very good , only thing is scoop size is fairly large which equals in large gains , gained 5KG off one bag!!!! Basically a cheaper and equally effective as popular serious mass. I used half of the recommended serving it lasted longer and i still picked up 5KG'S and its great tasting stuff this so no complaints from me!!!

Recommend if looking to gain some weight!!! Decent taste as well as price considering its serving size. Reasonably effective for the so called 'hard gainers' however, the calorie-dense composition means you'll need to be supplementing in a few more cardio sessions than normal. I have used this product twice and I gained 4kg each time which is great because I really struggle to gain.

Vanilla is the best tasting flavored of the 3. I got this product thinking id really bulk somebody told me its better then usn hyperbolic mass. But realy itz n0t. But i pickd up 2kgs when i was done. Was hoping to gain at least 5kgs r m0re.

Iamges: matrix anabolic gold flavour review

matrix anabolic gold flavour review

I gained about 8kg in the 1st three weeks n have finished 2 bottles of 2kg each in the meantime. Thanks for calling creativemindsplanet. I study here www.

matrix anabolic gold flavour review

A The product advises against using it if you are under 18 and we can't advise you differently.

matrix anabolic gold flavour review

Use them as rsview replacements. These include pre workouts, protein powders and fat burners just to name a few. MF Anabolic is an excellent high-calorie All-in-One product. Knock on the front door. You can take it times a day and it is best to take it before training depending when you train and after training. On average, and matrix anabolic gold flavour review with numerous specials on top, I'm pretty sure bb.